This is an annual report on the research activities in the field of optical communications and high-speed electron devices for 2000 at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, and Research Center for Quantum Effect Electronics, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

These activities are initiated by Professor Y. Suematsu (emeritus, the former president), and Professor S. Arai [Group A], mainly in the field of Low- Dimensional Quantum-Structure Lasers, Advanced Lasers for Photonic Integrations, and also in the fabrication of ultra-fine structures; Professor K. Furuya, and Associate Professor Y. Miyamoto [Group B], mainly in the field of Quantum Coherent Electron Devices, High-Speed Electron Devices based on InP, and Processing for Nanometer Structures; Professor M. Asada [Group C], mainly in the field of High-speed Electron Devices using Metal/Insulator heterostructures, and also in the theoretical investigation of the properties of Quantum-well, Quantum-wire, and Quantum-box Devices; and Associate Professor M. Watanabe [Group D], mainly in the field of Light Emitting Devices using Semiconductor(Metal)/Insulator nano-structures and also the epitaxial growth of Metal/Insulator/Semiconductor heterostructure.

This report consists of a brief introduction of the research activities and a collection of the research papers published in 2000.