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Dr. Mitsumasa Iwamoto
Professsor of Department of Physical Electronics, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2-12-1 O-okayama, Meguroku, Tokyo 152, Japan
TEL +81-3-5734-2191 FAX +81-3-5734-2911
Study Field: Organic Material Electronics, Molecular Electronics, Electrical Insulation and Dielectrics Engineering, and Dielectrics Physics

With an aspiration to contribute a little bit to the mankind by touching what is the first and only can be done by myself, it is fortunate for me to study organic molecules which have a strong chemical image despite of the affiliation of Electronics Department. Once touching molecules, I unexpectedly got acquaintance with them through an electronical sense which could not be thought of by chemist origin. This is the reason why the displacement-current measuring technique and the preparation method of polimide LB film and monolayers was created and had become the property of our laboratory. With the confidence that we are taking an express way, we tackle research by exchanging ideas with people from different fields and from overseas.If one wants to do something creative, it is necessary to experience jumping into some fields with completely different ways of thinking though it may have no relation with him at first. Lots of opportunities are available to give full play to one's creativities in our lab as we are studying organic molecules from the viewpoint of electronics and physics.