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Professor Masahiro   Director,
  Professor Akira Matsuzawa
Welcome to Tokyo Tech's Quantum Nanoelectronics Research Center. The 21st century will require a reappraisal of technological limitations due to the underlying principles of physics. Nanotechnology is a strategy for overcoming such limitations and academia has an important role in carrying out research to resolve such issues.

Philosophy : Investigation of the industrial applications of quantum engineering and nanotechnology and creation of the seeds of new electronics for the benefit of mankind.

Motivation : Research on nanotechnology and related physics for the creation of new devices and improvement of the performance of optical and electronic devices produced by quantum engineering.

Specific targets

  • Extend the research carried out at RCQEE and use quantum engineering to devise means of resolving the 'limits of physics' and transfer results to industry.
  • Finding practical applications of the extensive data accumulated during research at RCQEE on cutting edge nanotechnology (Nanotechnology Support Project)
  • Conduct detailed studies of new device concepts proposed during research carried out at RCQEE.
  • Promotion of Japan's national project on nanotechnology.